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CARBAHN Autoworks Partners with RENNtech Mercedes Racing Products.

Bringing together Steve Dinan’s meticulous vision of how cars can run, we have partnered with RENNtech Mercedes. RENNtech also built their incredible reputation upon the fine tuning solution for vehicles. Since 1989, RENNtech has developed high-performance products and have created solutions delivering extreme performance, luxury features, and earned the title as the USA’s foremost authority on Mercedes tuning.

As a Certified RENNtech partner, CARBAHN Autoworks, can provide your car with the best Mercedes products to upgrade your favorite new toy! Everything we upgrade is emissions legal and we match your factory warranty so you don’t have to worry about the new modifications on your car. All you have to think about is the upgraded drivability and performance! So, don’t delay and call us today to get started on upgrading your Mercedes performance with our great RENNtech Mercedes Racing Products.


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We are proud to work with Renntech to bring you the coolest Mercedes products


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